Logo of 360 Defence (UK) Ltd - an MCSS client

360 Defence (UK) Ltd

360 Defence is a highly experienced training provider and risk consultancy company.

Scotland Correspondent

Scotland Correspondent is a digital media company reporting on Scotland to a global audience.

Logo of RICHpictures - an MCSS client


RICHpictures is a photography business based in Glasgow. We worked to an external design to create a site to showcase their talent

Logo of Phil J Coates - an MCSS client

Phil J Coates

Phil J Coates is an artist who asked us to create a site on which he can display and sell his artwork.

Logo of Cheeky Frog - an MCSS client

Cheeky Frog Handmade Cards

Cheeky Frog sell beautiful, unique, hand-crafted cards.

Logo of The Biz Local - an MCSS client

The Biz

As an example of the power of a bespoke solution to save time and money, we’ll cite the case of one of our clients who owns a business directory called “The Biz” (based in Kirkintilloch). We provided him with a bespoke planning software solution.