Ever increasing numbers of small and medium sized businesses are discovering, that in addition to a mobile friendly website, they need to invest in their own dedicated apps.

An app is a software application created specifically for small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The advent of super fast 4G technology and the growing number of WiFi hotspots has made such devices the most popular way for consumers to get online.

Some 80 per cent of UK adults own a smartphone, that’s around 37 million consumers of which almost two-thirds spend an average of 2 hours and 40 minutes using their devices to access digital information.
Cartoon of a unicorn stepping out of a phone to represent the notion of apps
Our appetite for apps could add much more than a little glamour and enticement to your business.

At MC Software Solutions we can create dedicated Apps that help businesses make the most of the mobile data revolution and reach out direct to potential customers.

A good app can provide consumers with all the information they need about your products and services at their fingertips. It also allows you to notify people of new products and services, advertise special offers or even reward loyalty to generate more return custom and increase brand awareness.

An App is a highly effective method of building a one-to-one interactive relationship with customers. It can also provide a business with a range of highly valuable data on client

Whether you need your sales reps to access your planning software while on the road or require a complete and integrated ordering system – we have the experience and skills to provide what you need.

Apps make it easier to target customers in specific locations or time-zones. Geo-targeting software even allows for the sending of special offers or messages to customers within close proximity to your products.

We will work closely with you to understand what you need. We will then create an App to enable your customers to make appointments, place orders, and buy products or services.

When Pizza chain Domino’s introduced an app which let customers order food for delivery or pickup rather than having to phone in to their local restaurant the company saw half-year pre-tax profits in the UK rise by 28 per cent.

If you aren’t using a mobile app that encourages more customers to buy from you by making the process easier and faster then you could be missing out on a massive share of a rapidly evolving market which your competitors will be only too glad of.