Business Continuity

Business continuity represented by a cartoon of a man sat in front of a laptop which is on fire

Keep calm and carry on. Our business continuity services can stop an inconvenience becoming a crisis.

Every organisation with a website is a multi-national concern open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Potential customers can browse your services, make contact and even carry out purchases anytime of the day or night.

But, if anything should happen to put your website offline or stop your email from working, even for a short time, it could cause serious financial loss and critical damage to your reputation.

In the digital world EVERY organisation has parts of their business they cannot afford to fail.

What could happen if your website or email server stops working? Can you be sure of retrieving all your important data and getting back up and running before the problem becomes too significant to recover from?

Having a quick recovery plan and ongoing policy of making regular backups should be a top priority for every organisation. A robust IT Business Continuity plan can help mitigate the risks of natural or unforeseen man-made disasters, communication failures and cyber-security risks.

Disruptive events of any kind can lead to protracted downtime, permanent data loss, incur sever financial loss and destroy customer confidence.

At MCSS our experts don’t just react to problems when they happen but plan on making sure critical services function without interruption even when problems arise.

Our job is to ensure your customers don’t even notice if something goes wrong by having a tried and tested backup ready to go live the moment anything goes wrong. Our experts will carry out rigorous testing of any plans to ensure any shortcomings are quickly detected and fixed.

We will help anticipate threats and identify critical areas or services which cannot be allowed to fail so you can maintain the goodwill of customers, satisfy any legal obligations and continue to trade without interruption.

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