At MCSS , we’re not so ecologically driven that we wear recycled cardboard trousers but nor do we heat our homes by burning pools of petrol.

What we believe is that the earth has a finite number of natural resources and that we need to ensure that these resources last the human race as long as we can make them last.  It’s this that drives our ecological ambitions here at MCSS.

With this in mind we have in place a series of measures, some of which impact our clients …

Use of paper

Wherever possible we try to curb our use of paper, in particular:

  • We communicate with our clients via email unless a hard-copy is absolutely essential or we are requested to do otherwise by the client.
  • Designs are sent for approval via email or are shown in prototype form on a private website.
  • Invoices are sent in PDF format via email.

Internally, although you’ll have to take our word for this, we keep printed copies of documents to a bare minimum.  In fact we currently get through less than a ream of paper per year.

Lighting and electricity consumption

At MCSS we replaced all of the lighting in our offices with super-low energy consumption bulbs (replacing 50W halogen bulbs with 3W SMD bulbs).  The lighting quality is not noticably different and the savings on our electricity bill appreciable.

All of our staff use laptops with < 30W power consumption.

Travelling and client meetings

We acknowledge that sometimes the only way to effectively hold a meeting is to gather round a table in the same room as our clients.  Wherever possible, however, we try to meetup using Skype.

Wherever we need to travel to client sites we will endeavour to use public transport and if that fails we always car-share.