Time is money. Never has that been so true than in the digital age when a sale can be won or lost in the blink of an eye.

Consumers demand high levels of website performance.  If your pages take too long to load they will go elsewhere. The answer is performance tuning.

Research by Google engineers revealed a delay of just 400 milliseconds, the time it takes to blink an eye, can be enough to turn off visitors to a website.

In the battle to attract and keep customers every millisecond matters.

Performance Tuning represented by a cartoon of a man sat in front of a laptop with a stopwatch
In the race to win customers a website has to work fast. With a little performance tuning we can help accelerate your business.

There are many causes of slow loading pages on websites. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Amount/size of data to be displayed on the page
  • Number of data items on the page
  • Badly written server-side code
  • Poorly formatted database queries

The solution is to find a balance between visual appeal and rapid response times.

Consumers increasingly expect more than just a static image and a few words on a page to win their custom. They want colour, creativity, movement and an engaging, feature-rich, multi-media experience.

However, various surveys of consumer behaviour reveal more than 80 percent of online users will give up and go elsewhere if a video stalls while loading.

At MC Software Solutions we don’t just churn out other people’s solutions and hope for the best. We understand how websites work and what slows them down. If your website is slow everywhere or just on certain pages we can help you get to the root cause.