Cheeky Frog Handmade Cards
The setting up of a website through which I could sell my cards was initially a very daunting prospect to me. I thought I had worked it all out before I spoke with Mark but I realised quite quickly that really I had only a vague idea of what I wanted,from the colour scheme to the number of card categories I wanted to sell. The only thing I had any clue about was the name of the site. I didn’t even have any corporate branding at that point.

However, Mark is incredibly good at thinking of all the questions that I had forgotten to ask myself and another ten more besides. He took time to question me in depth about my colour preferences, what images I would like to display and so on. He made the whole process incredibly easy. What started as a daunting task became a fun and exciting project. From a doodle on a piece of paper to a fully functioning e-commerce website in a matter of weeks.

The day to day maintenance of the site became an issue for me early on. How was I to get cards and messages on to the site on my own? Mark’s answer to this was simple, he wrote a piece of software, an administration tool, that enabled me to upload images of cards, update the news items and post seasonal messages whenever I like. It is simple and easy to use.

No matter what I threw at Mark in the way of “what about …?” or “Is it possible to have …?” , his answer was always, “Yes, of course you can. If you can think of it, I can find a way to make it happen on the screen.” He never disappointed or let me down on that. He kept me constantly up to date with progress, checking that I was happy with what he was producing. If I didn’t like something, which was incredibly rare, he simply said no problem and within minutes had found what I did like. Mark is the consummate professional and extremely easy to talk to. He can think not only ‘outside of the box’ but all the way around it and how the box was constructed in the first place. His ingenuity and skill at writing and creating both software and websites is second to none. The whole experience and process of working with Mark was incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

Owner, Cheeky Frog Handmade Cards