Mark has been helping me with my e-commerce for some time now.

Unlike many IT “professionals”, Mark does not hide behind smoke, mirrors and mystique.

He tells it as it is, which is refreshing to say the least (and, yes, it can be close to the bone too if needed)!

If he does not know something, he’ll say so, but then will go to great lengths to find out what is needed then apply it.

Mark really goes the extra mile with clients to make a difference, and his solutions are primarily business improvement orientated, although cosmetically pleasing too.

He’s also very good indeed at explaining things to those such as myself who are “somewhat challenged” when it comes to IT and website knowledge. This has done my own confidence in these areas a huge amount of good recently.

I strongly recommend Mark. He will provide you with great service, honesty and value, and you will be as delighted by his results for your business as I have been.

Gordon Mowat
MD, Aspire Management Services