Website security shown by a cartoon of a man working with a villain spying over his shoulder

Watch out there’s a bad guy about! Website security is a bare necessity of digital life for every business.

When it comes to website security size definitely doesn’t matter. Whether you are a big multi-national organisation or a single trader your data and reputation are at risk.

As we all become reliant on the internet to do business the opportunities for ‘bad guys’ to exploit potential weaknesses increase.

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly at risk of being hacked. Cyber attacks come in many guises, from the installation of ransomeware – which shuts down a company’s server until a fee is paid to ‘unlock’ it – to infecting a network with malware to attack visitors.

Many thousands of websites are compromised every day, without the owners being aware, by hackers who want to launch spam or phishing attacks for personal information on their visitors.

Any website that invites visitors to download pages, search for a product or service, fill out a contact form, use an online shopping cart or create an account is open to exploitation.

A cyber attack of any kind can be devastating for business in terms of data loss, financial costs and reputation damage.

The UK Government is to invest £1.9 billion over the next five years in a National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) to defend against threats to the digital economy.

The Cyber Essentials scheme sets out the basics of good protection for organisations which rely on the internet to ensure the UK remains one of the safest places in the world to do business online.

At MCSS we can help reduce the risks by ensuring your system is configured properly, that software is expertly written and all security patches and updates are implemented regularly and promptly.

Our security experts will carry out a full audit and risk assessment of your site to identify potential problems and reduce the dangers.

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