WARNING – this website could seriously improve your business.

Nobody reads newspapers, magazines or websites because they have to. They do it for selfish reasons only – they want to get something out of it.

Visitors to your website are looking to buy a product/service or to find out information. With so much competition you only have seconds to capture their attention.

A goldfish has a longer attention span than most visitors browsing the net!  Consequently it’s essential that good website content both informs and entertains.

A cartoon of a man with writer's block to illustrate the theme of content creation
There’s gold in them thar pages! We can help create content that informs and entertains to attract customers.

Originality is paramount when it comes to boosting Search Engine Optimisation rankings and building a brand. Apart from the fact that Google punishes sites that use duplicate content why would anyone visit your site if they can get the same information elsewhere?

A Key step to keep customers coming back to a website is to only use high quality photographs and illustrations. Great images go a lot further to capture the attention of readers than the same stock jpegs used by your competitors.

Ideally, every website’s news or blog page should be updated regularly with new, original content. Preferably daily, this helps to build up a dedicated following. Likewise, on social media the more you give the more you get.

At MC Software Solutions we work with experienced copywriters, journalists, photographers and broadcasters.  Our content creation experts craft engaging words, images, podcasts and video content for our clients.

Our experts provide a variety of courses to help business identify and create original content which both promotes themselves and benefits their clients.

Alternatively, we can create informative news stories, press releases, white papers and audio/video podcasts for you that can help attract potential customers and benefit your bottom line.